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I write what I see. I'm not always impartial. Brooklyn-based writer. I post excerpts from my books as well as random thoughts, and I reblog art, feminist messages, humorous posts.

Jamais Vu is my latest book. Please take a look around. Ask me things. Etc.

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"I guess you’re right: I’m inconvenient. My thoughts, my feelings, my breathing, the things I want to do in life—it’s actually all just to inconvenience you. See, my feelings are all pointed and directed towards derailing your life and being a nag. You figured it out! That was my secret plan the whole time—to prevent you from having fun. I don’t actually want to do anything with my life. My goal has always been to pester you. Yes, I’m being sarcastic, you self-centered ass."


"I know I’m not the first person you’ve ever fucked and I’m not the first person you’ve fucked in this room or even on this bed. I already know it, so you can stop reminding me. Dare to treat me like I’m fucking special. Even if it scares you just a little bit. Act like I matter. Like my pussy is made of ice cream and gold and without it, you’d die. Dare to act like that for five seconds, or however long you’ll last. Just for that span of time, pretend like I matter. I already have all the other moments to deal with reality."



He wanted her because she kept saying she never wanted to get married. But she kept saying that because she was so disinterested, so young, so beautiful, so smart, and his eager soul was a molasses threatening to smother her. She would not grow with this man, only die. He made a life of solitude look pleasant.