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Costa Rica rant.

A lot of expat Americans come to Costa Rica expecting a perfect paradise, an escape, and are disappointed to find that yes, there are problems in “paradise.” There is still a gap between rich and poor. There are healthcare issues, unemployment issues, drug issues, relationship issues. Costa Ricans are easygoing and happy, but it’s a difference in culture, not because they have discovered some magical land. If you’re coming to Costa Rica because you think everyone is zip lining and holding hands and poverty and racism and class differences are eradicated, then just stay in the states. This isn’t some Eden with primitive, simple yet happy people. I’m sick of people coming here with these unrealistic expectations because they can’t get laid or get rich in their home country. This country is not your paradise backup plan. It’s not an escape. It’s a country.


westerners are obsessed with the idea of happiness as if it’s a constant state of being. happiness comes in moments. you dont “achieve” happiness. you experience it along with every other emotion on the spectrum. if you spend your life chasing this constructed idea of happiness you will never even be remotely content. work on being whole and feeling everything while increasing the happy moments. stop trying to be a “happy person.” just be a person.

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God preferred virgins with broken necks over whores with broken hymens.

This is from my thesis, a book that is currently called "In the Shadow of Active Volcanoes." Recent grad Clara is traveling in Costa Rica when she is date raped by a rich, older American who is in the country for sex tourism. Clara “decides” that she has not actually been raped, and does not go to the authorities because she is sure they will think she wanted to have sex for money.
I’m still working on it, but will probably post a quote here and there.